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About Our Work

Producing revenue from B2B customers is hard. Too much time and money is wasted chasing poor opportunities with ineffective methods. Let us help because we have both the brains and the brawn to boost your revenue production using proven techniques. At the Gorilla Factory we make market leaders out of early stage companies and can also reignite growth at mature businesses which have slowed.

We are founders, start-up and corporate executives with proven skills in sales, marketing and growth management. We know the technology business inside out and have a prolific global network that we can put to work for you. We provide strategic advice to leadership teams and will also dig-in and execute on an interim management basis where needed.

We undertake a wide variety of projects of variable durations and with no long-term commitment. Recent examples include: Commercial reality checks for Board/Investors, Company Positioning Review, Commercialising a Product and Marketing Technology Assessments.  

A Few Recent Gorilla Gigs...

Gorillas in your midst

Martin Fincham

  • CEO of a global B2B software vendor, serving >7,000 customers in 65 countries
  • Passionate founder and entrepreneur 
  • Enterprise sales, marketing & growth management skills honed over 25+ years
  • Early-stage mentor & NED
  • Lived & worked in Silicon Valley
  • Adviser to Private Equity & VC
  • Popular public speaker & MC
  • MBA Mentor at Judge Business School
  • Member of Cambridge Angels Network

Joanna Brace

  • CMO for global/mid-size tech vendors
  • Modern marketer with product depth & commercial track record 
  • 20+ years marketing experience from Mega-brands to Enterprise to Start-ups
  • Specialises in developing new product strategy & orchestrating launches 
  • Builds revenue & demand-generation together with Sales
  • Develops channel strategies and negotiates/secures top-tier partners
  • Head-hunted twice to Silicon Valley

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How to Engage with US

Interim Management

When you hit that scale-up moment it's time to bring on-board some executive talent, except that you can't quite afford those high fixed costs. Instead, retain us on a flexible basis until you can justify that full-time hire.

Non-executive Director

Many early stage companies have a Board composition with a bias toward finance, governance and investors. We add the missing hands-on commercial nous that directly improves sales & marketing execution.

Mentoring Marketing Talent

We support aspiring marketing leaders during challenging periods like first starting out, hitting their scale-up moment or pivoting the business model. We can also nurture the wider marketing team, reducing the risk of staff churn and burnout.

Marketing Strategy

Your company positioning is the essence of your brand. Has yours stood still, or has it matured beyond its origin? We bring the conversation back to your position in the market, measuring internal and external perceptions of you and articulating the demonstrable value that you bring to your customers. We work with you to develop differentiated and compelling go-to-market strategies for your products and services that support YOUR brand essence.  

B2B Sales Enablement

To grow rapidly you need to generate predictable revenue from a slick sales engine…and yet revenue still leaks out due to poor funnel design. How aligned is your sales & marketing machine with the modern buyer journey? When did you last refresh your sales tools: from presentation decks to product demos to webinar content? Have you mastered how to ramp-up a B2B sales team, conduct insightful pipeline revenues and forecast to the Board with accuracy? We enable all of this.  

Passionate about Products

The launch is key - but are you really ready? The key to a successful product launch goes back to the very reason that your offer exists. We align product design, product management and product marketing to provide an independent assessment and then make detailed recommendations to ensure that YOUR product(s) or services are clearly positioned and market ready; resulting in a successful launch targeted at YOUR key influencers and buyers.   

Our Wall of love

Makers (Academy)

"At Makers we worked with Joanna while rebuilding our marketing operation from scratch – the team, leadership, brand, target markets – every conceivable moving part was affected. She coached from the side-lines, being the source of wisdom & experience but without trying to run things herself. Without Joanna's support, it would have taken much more time, effort & cost to rebuild our marketing function."

- Evgeny Shadchnev, Founder & CEO


Wazoku (B2B Software)

"We spent 18 months searching for the right commercially-experienced NED. Martin was our unanimous #1 choice. Joining an existing Board as the business was scaling-up, he has provided invaluable insight, practical advice and a tough but balanced approach to help guide the business. It is a pleasure working together and the business is benefitting significantly, especially in sales & marketing."

- Simon Hill, Co-founder & CEO


Zaboura (Marketing/PR)

"Zaboura has worked with Joanna on a number of projects where she provided valuable insights on how our clients should position their products, as well as working alongside the Zaboura team to strengthen the client’s value proposition and optimise their go-to-market strategy. Having such an experienced CMO available on 'on-demand' gives us a real competitive advantage without overly inflating our project costs."

- Maggie Zaboura, Founder & CEO


Artesian (B2B Software)

“I have known both Martin and Joanna independently for 5 years - they are world-class practitioners and as a team they're unbeatable...bringing practical commercial and operation expertise together with marketing execution excellence - people with such integrity and outstanding capability are difficult to find and in this dream team we have found two of the best."

- Andrew Yates, Co-founder & CEO


SOMA Analytics (B2B app)

"Joanna’s unique insights helped to align our product strategy with our company goals and customer requirements. Her recommendations have resulted in successful demand generation programs and client engagements. SOMA’s mission is to reduce workplace stress by combining smart technology, big data and science into a simple app – Joanna made launching the business less stressful for us!"

- Lorena Szerman, VP Sales


Serial Angel Investor

"Few global software CEOs live and breathe performance marketing; few digital marketers are CEOs of global corporations. Martin is a rare combination of both. I have served with him on several Boards and respect his software industry expertise and insightful observations. He readily assists with nurturing our portfolio companies, at every stage, and runs very popular workshops."

- John Yeomans, ex-Chair, Board Member


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We are passionate advocates of UK tech and so we actively seek ways to improve skills in the Golden Triangle of London, Cambridge and Oxford. Examples include running knowledge workshops, facilitating peer-to-peer exchange sessions and giving founders 1-to-1 advice in a casual setting. We regularly hang-out in various hubs in London and Cambridge. Or come visit us at the vibrant King's Cross quarter (Google's new home) where we'll happily buy you a drink at the best coffee shop in town.

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