Gorilla Gigs

Makers (Academy)

Joanna was hired by the CEO of Makers to help with the pivot of their business from a coding academy to a source of next generation technology talent by connecting education with meaningful employment. Our mission was to help with their brand repositioning and to mentor their Head of Marketing who was newly promoted into the role. The remit included hiring and building an effective marketing team focusing on the right resources, supporting the business objectives of Makers and giving the new team clear objectives with time bound outcomes. 

To best prepare Makers for rapid growth, we also helped to develop an operational excellence plan to increase internal efficiency, develop clear lines of responsibility and communication, identify the interdependency between departments, and facilitate centralisation and consolidation of sales and marketing systems…all while maintaining the unique cultural values of Makers.

"At Makers we worked with Joanna while rebuilding our marketing operation from scratch – the team, leadership, brand, target markets – every conceivable moving part was affected. She coached from the side-lines, being the source of wisdom & experience but without trying to run things herself. Without Joanna's support, it would have taken much more time, effort & cost to rebuild our marketing function."

 - Evgeny Shadchnev, Founder & CEO

Wazoku (B2B SaaS)

The CEO of Wazoku approached Joanna to help with their product marketing. A proposition development workshop with the CEO, CPO and CMO resulted in modularising the platform message to create multiple ‘launch pads’ which appeal more directly to different audiences; thereby allowing the prospect to self-select the offer which best matches their current need. The launch pad approach also makes up-sell and cross-sell pathways easier to understand for prospects and the sales team alike. This approach was adopted through all marketing and sales communication, enabling the customer to choose the right online journey and for the inside sales team to match the customer issue with the right offer.